On Saturday, August 24 2019, Worshipful George W. Caldwell III and a very distinguished committee installed a new suite of officers. Heading that list is first-time Master, Worshipful Alan Imgrund.

Our Lodge, despite facing adversity a decade ago — dwindling numbers, unexpected loss, and fatigue, has turned things around. Since this time, we have exponentially grown not only in number, but vibrant activity. As part of this course (and largely a reflection), our officer line was filled with diverse and excellent personalities. Each Master has brought different styles and tools, whether they are administrative, ritual, leadership or other, each Master has continued to bring the Lodge forward and upward to be one of the leaders of the 15th South Masonic District. The same praise and confidence can be laid upon both the outgoing and now incoming Master.

Please join us in happily welcoming our newest Master of Mount Hollis Lodge!

Welcome to the East, Worhshipful Alan Imgrund

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